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Biota Beats was born at the iGEM Competition

Back in 2016, our community biology lab at EMW Bookstore started a project for The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition, which was named Biota Beats. The vision was to connect the wonders of the human microbiota -the 100 trillion micro-organisms that live in harmony with us, the human hosts- to the world via the language of our culture, hip hop. Biotechnology affects the entire living world, so we need the broadest kind of participation from diverse communities around the globe. We wondered, might hip hop be able to help save biotech?

We made a wonderful system that takes micro-organisms from the body, which can be inoculated on our "biota records" (designed to be like real EP/LP vinyl), and our system analyzes the bacteria and transforms the resultant data into music.

The rest of the story.....? You can see that on this page!