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Biota Beats and English High School students visit

Vicki Cochran, a teacher at English High School of Boston, was very interested in visiting EMW bookstore when she heard about the Culturalizing Science Exhibition that was on display April through June: “I am always looking for new and interesting science programming for my students to explore and learn from. The students are aged 19-21 and have a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges but are always ready to explore new topics/experiences." On May 24th, 9 students and 4 teachers of English High School in Boston would come over to visit EMW.

It was quickly decided that the Culturalizing Science Exhibition would provide the perfect back-drop to teach students about bacteria! One of the pieces on display was Biota Beats, which offered a great connection to bacteria, their role in our lives, and how to grow them. The EMW team designed a program for the students, including an introduction video on the human microbiome, an introduction to specific bacteria (listeria, salmonella, E. Coli, and staph) using giant plush bacteria toys, and a crafting session where the students created their own bacteria form paper (drawing and cutting the different bacterial shapes) and wool (to create pili and flagella!).

Also - the story of Biota Beats was told: how do we grow the bacteria that live on our body, and how do we create music out of them. This was followed by a bacteria-swab-activity: each student got a petri dish and could swab their mouths or nose, or the table and (wheel)chairs!

Video presentation on bacteria, with plush bacteria all over the place.
Plush bacteria, bacterial snacks, and crafting stuff!
Crafting bacteria from paper and wool.
Swabbing and growing our own bacteria!