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David Sun Kong, Ph.D.

David Sun Kong, Ph.D., is a synthetic biologist, community organizer, musician, and photographer. He conducted his graduate studies at MIT’s Media Laboratory, receiving a Master’s degree in nanotechnology and a Ph.D. in synthetic biology. He currently conducts research at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, where he is a world leader in developing microfluidic, “lab-on-a-chip” biotechnologies. He was recognized as an emerging leader in synthetic biology as a “LEAP” fellow, served as a guest faculty member at the Marine Biology Lab in Woods Hole, and is managing faculty of “How To Grow (Almost) Anything,” an international course on biotechnology. David is also the founder and director of EMW, a community center in Cambridge MA with a mission of empowering communities through art and technology. As a musician, David has performed as a DJ, beat-boxer, vocalist, and rapper at hundreds of venues. His photography has been exhibited at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian and other museums and galleries across the U.S.